We put at your disposal our audited production centers in China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Turkey, Portugal and Spain to guarantee total adaptability to your textile manufacturing needs.
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Starting from a plan or technical file, we manufacture customized products for the main industries such as Automotive, Energy, Air Conditioning, Specialized Industrial Supplies, etc. through our production centers in China, India and Turkey.
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We specialize in manufacturing and tailor-made customization of products ready for incorporation into final sales channels.
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We put our network of quality control agents in Asia and Europe at your disposal.
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How we do it

do you need?

Send us your needs, like plans, technical sheets and materials, packaging certifications and place of delivery.

Centers and
production countries

Our platform Exhale, selects the most suitable production center for the manufacturing of your product, based on technical, productive, legal, sustainable and geolocation parameters through Business Intelligence.


You will always recieve a product sample before you place a order, to ensure that the merchandise suits your needs.


With the quotation accepted, the verified sample and the legal agreements signed, we begin the international manufacturing process, wich you can monitor at all times from your client area.


Our team carries out controls during the production process, packaging and loading, to guarantee the quality of our products.


The trip to your facilities begins, monitored at all times from your client area, both in maritime and air shipments, you will have control of dates at all times.

Import and
customs formalities

As the legal manufacturer of the merchandise, at Pinexports we carry out all customs and import procedures on our behalf. You won't have to worry about this.


At this point, all that remains is to celebrate the success of the operation, with the merchandise already in your warehouse.

Direct to Factory - Custom - No customs formalities - No risks

Design your next order with us.