5 types of cargo controls that will guarantee the quality of your products



Quality control is one of the most important points to take into account, both in a product and in a service. When it comes to manufacturing, “doing it right the first time” can mean the difference between a successful project or a failed one.

The fact of knowing that the product that we have manufactured at thousands of km and for which we have probably been waiting for months is exactly how we have requested it and it arrives without surprises, makes a huge difference in terms of final price and difficulty of the process.

In this context, when the manufacture of your product is carried out in a geographical area that you can personally control, quality control may not be an issue. But, what happens when the geographical area in which you make the productions is thousands of km away? How can you guarantee it? Hiring or creating a trusted quality department located in the country where you make the productions is usually the best option to save yourself scares and headaches.

What can a quality control department do for me?

In order to help you gain visibility on how to start with effective quality control, the PINEXPORTS Quality team reveals its 5 types of cargo controls that will guarantee the quality of your products.

1. Factory audits

Having an accurate understanding of your supplier's capabilities, quality control system, management, and operating procedures allows you to select a qualified supplier with confidence.

A factory audit has to be properly planned from time to time and carried out according to a pre-established protocol and that can discover problems before production or confirmation of an order.

In addition, all audits are for the purpose of evaluating certain factors that may be considered essential. Here are some of the features that make a factory audit essential:

✦ Detailed knowledge of everything that takes place in the factory is achieved, from machinery and devices, to operations and documents.

✦ Defects and deficiencies in the facilities and/or work procedures can be revealed.

✦ Points are also discovered that, if properly exploited, will provide a significant boost to business results.

✦ Better use is made of the material and human resources available to the factory.

✦ We will work in a safer environment for everyone.

✦ They are an important part of the continuous improvement process that must be implemented in any production environment.

✦ The control and guarantee of the qualification of operators, as well as certifications and working conditions, is a very important part, both for the factory and for the personnel themselves, since optimal working conditions are generated.

✦ The execution of internal audits on a regular basis is usually an essential requirement to obtain some official quality certifications, such as those established by ISO standards.

2. PSI (Pre-Shipment Inspection)

Pre-shipment inspections are a much more effective inspection that confirms the quality level of the entire shipment. Normally it requires the production to be 100% complete and at least 80% of the products to be packed in cartons. The marked samples are randomly selected according to the AQL (Acceptable Quality Limit) standard.

At PINEXPORTS, we work using specific criteria based on the style, function, specifications and other important information of each product. We have more than 1,300 checklists for different products that provide the necessary criteria to find defects in your products.

In a PSI inspection, these are all the steps that have to be reviewed and controlled:

✦ Quantity

✦ Packaging

✦ Manufacturing

✦ Marking and labeling

✦ On-site tests

✦ Customer's special requirement

✦ Product specifications

3. DPI (During Production Inspection)

DPI inspections are used to check the product early in production, they are used to check the product early in production and to make sure they meet customer standards. As production continues, these defects can be addressed so that the defect rate for the remainder of production is reduced.

At PINEXPORTS, at this point, we can also verify the production schedule and confirm that the products will be ready according to the shipping schedule and that it does not affect delivery time.

Next, we show what are the points to take into account when carrying out a quality control of this type:

✦ Quantity

✦ Marking and labeling

✦ Workmanship

✦ Customer's special requirement

✦ On-site tests

✦ Semi-finished product control

✦ Product specifications

✦ Verification of raw materials

✦ Packaging

4.Production Monitoring

This type of quality inspection, Production Monitoring means an inspection of the product on site that is carried out every day of production. An inspector examines your factory, applying your specifications, randomly selecting units for inspection, and identifying and eliminating defects. It depends for which productions, sometimes a constant revision is necessary.

PINEXPORTS, has inspectors who constantly monitor the production, confirm the schedule, supervise the internal quality control of the factory, carry out random inspections of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products and send a detailed report every day so that you have visibility state full production.

5. CLS (Container Load Supervision)

Container loading is a critical step in product delivery. Even a good quality product if loaded incorrectly can be of poor quality or even unsaleable when it arrives, or end up with another customer's products, incorrect quantities, wet products/gift boxes…

During container loading supervision, a qualified inspector and inspector checks the condition of the container to make sure it is suitable for shipment, supervises the loading process to make sure the correct quantity of goods has been shipped, and checks the packaging to verify that the goods have been packed in accordance with the requirements established in the sales contract.

In this sense, PINEXPORTS takes steps to ensure that you receive your products and that they are in the same condition as when loading began. The following points are the most important to review in CLS:

✦ Quantity and assortment

✦ Correct products

✦ Condition of containers

✦ Monitor proper charging

✦ Condition of export cartons

✦ Delay charging during bad weather

✦ Shipping marks

✦ Special customer requirements

By carrying out any of these quality controls, your product will undoubtedly arrive in perfect condition and just as it was ordered. Complying with the Delivery Time and without scares upon the arrival of the merchandise, your sales plan can be drawn up as planned.

Usually, when we take care of manufacturing at PINEXPORTS, these controls are guaranteed since we have a wide range of inspectors who are in charge of carrying out these controls. But if you already have manufacturing resolved and you are only looking for a quality department, PINEXPORTS Quality puts its inspectors at your disposal to offer you any of these quality controls.

We hope we have helped you, but if you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us without obligation.

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