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During the last few years, we have faced the challenges posed by our clients in various ways, and in this process, we were able to detect a need; control of international manufacturing, through the intelligent digital selection of the best production center for each special case and total monitoring of the entire process.


We began to shape and develop what it is today, the first international manufacturing intelligent control platform. EXHALE facilitates the management and monitoring of production processes in a market that currently only offers solutions in the "trader" or "commission" mode.


From the platform, the process is simplified to the maximum, turning it into an intuitive experience that allows any registered customer to request and assess a tailored quote based on their technical documents, monitor every detail and control their production times at each stage.


The application is a pioneer in using solutions based on Business Intelligence and Machine Learning, through the heuristic algorithms designed for Pinexports, they are able to cross data on quality, specialization, distance between the factory and the warehouse or evaluate through learning, providing the most efficient option for each operation and client, also selecting the most optimal form of production to minimize  the carbon footprint during the manufacturing process.


In addition, the procedures for each file are streamlined by introducing digital processes for legal validation of all documentation between Pinexports and the client, from the client area. At all times, the customer can track their merchandise in real time.


From Pinexports we have opted for digitization in international manufacturing, guaranteeing with this system the peace of mind of the client at all times.





In order to carry out a quote, the Pinexports sales team must receive at least one technical sheet to know the manufacturing needs, with technical specifications and any noteworthy aspect to take into account your quote.


Contact our team through Exhale if you need to design a custom product, regardless of its nature.

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