Premium backpacks manufacturing: a guide to material selection



The most characteristic accessory in every house is the bag. The consumers every day are most conscious about his election about the products of they want, specially theirs reflects his personality and style. Other things to know in the process of manufacture bags will be the design of the high quality bags.

The segments that encompass bags, handbags and little accessories grown progressively with design, the formats and improvement the qualities.


How much types of bags there are?


When we talk about bags, we should take care to distinguish between the types and the use. This is the main characteristic about the election of materials and design of the bag production.


We can select the following types of bags;


  • School bags
  • The main function is wearable books, lunch box and school supplies. It should be composed about resistant materials that support the weight of several books. In this case, they can be school trolley bags or school backpack.


  • Sports bags
  • They’re perfect to wear at outside in excursions or outdoor trips. We always recommend that they should be water resistant or most of the composition should they be, and they can support the breathability.

  • Travel case or travel bag
  • This is the best complement for the travel case for a trip. Usually the airlines and the travel companies made a normative for the standard weight and measures, because all travel bags can be hold in the boxes destined in planes, trains, buses, etc.


  • Working backpack
  • Made for transport supplies of work all over the place. In this section you can find briefcases compartmentalized with a little pocket or with flap to save the book, laptop, etc. 


  • Backpack with hydration system
  • They’re designed to help you to stay hydrated in outside activities. Is the best way to maintain hydration. 


  • Laptop backpacks
  • It’s a specifically format, with adaptables measures for a concrete technology models. The most important thing to made laptop backpacks is supervising the measures at the first proto, considering that you need enough space for the charge and extra accessories. 


What do you need to made a bag?


The most important to made a bag are the following details;   Among which elements to manufacture a bag we can include fabric, leather, polyester, nylon, etc. We recommend choose high quality materials, they can be resistant and long durability.


Almost more important than the materials chosen for the development of a backpack, is the pattern. It is the main factor to make the base of a final product well made and with a correct shape. That pattern will need to pick up compartments to organize belongings, as well as any adjustable straps and closures.

The accessories that complete the design will always add a quality plus to the product, such as reinforced handles, closures, straps, pockets, personalized patches, embroidered logos, personalized pullers, etc.


How to choose the right materials to make resistant backpacks


In the sourcing market there are countless fabrics, but among the most recommended for manufacturing backpacks we highlight the following materials;

  1. Nylon
  2. It is a water resistant material and wear and tear. A lot of brand used nylon for creating sports backpacks or to be used at outdoor activities.

  3. Polyester
  4. Polyester is a light, resistant and easy-to-clean material. In addition, currently you can find recycled polyester, to be able to manufacture sustainable backpacks.

  5. Leather
  6. One of the most durable materials in the process of creating a backpack is leather. It is considered a timeless material, so it doesn’t go out of style among the different collections that are developed in the textile sector in products for daily use.

  7. Canvas fabric
  8. It’s a resistant and durable material, it’s normally used to make work backpacks or for outdoor activities.

  9. Padded fabric
  10. It is a soft and padded material, which provides comfort and protection to the back and shoulders. This is the reason that it is often used in the manufacture of school backpacks.


Where are backpacks made it? 


Between the more quantity of countries that manufacturing backpacks and bags, we can select various of our production centers actually.

  • China is the most important bags manufactured in the world, they offer a wide range of innovative options of design and qualities.
  • Vietnam and India also are considerate the most important leather and fabrics backpacks manufacturers in the world.
  • Bangladesh is specialized in fabric manufacturer.
  • Tailandia is know it about high quality design of backpacks and uniques designs. 

Recommendations to made a water resistant backpacks


The most important element to take into account when making a waterproof backpack should be the material. As we have mentioned before, nylon is one of the fabrics that can best protect the backpack against water. Some materials often used in waterproof backpacks include PVC-coated polyester, polyurethane, and polyethylene.


Another of our tips is to ensure the stitches, because this is the easiest part of the water can entry. For this, it is also recommended that the closures, buttons or zippers be waterproof.


The importance of certification and compliance with standards in the backpacks manufacture 


The essential step to verify that the product is going to be suitable for its subsequent commercialization in the market, counting on that it complies with the corresponding regulations, will be under the performance of quality tests with the first proto. In this way, before producing large quantities, it will be possible to verify that the selected materials, design and shape comply with the technical specifications to launch the product on the market, avoiding subsequent modifications.

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