Outerwear, the secrets behind its manufacture



Outerwear is undoubtedly the so-called outerwear of every season. The first step to a successful outerwear is to understand its purpose, as the main reason is that its design keeps us warm, dry and protected from wind or rain.

Some garments play a key role in the customer's wardrobe, some designs are based on fashion and style.

Some garments play a key role in the customer's wardrobe, some designs are based on fashion and style, while other garments are designed specifically for outdoor activities such as hiking or skiing.

Determining the main purpose of the outer garment will be the most important issue in selecting the correct material for its construction.

Selection of outerwear fabrics

As we indicated, there are garments with a certain function, and for this it is essential to select the right material so that the cold or, failing that, water does not pass through. Technical fabrics play a key role in the optimal balance between performance, comfort and protection. These advanced materials are specifically designed to meet the needs of garments that must perform in adverse conditions, such as rain, wind, extreme cold or outdoor activities.

Among the main outerwear fabrics, we find the following;

Gore-Tex: This waterproof and breathable fabric is ideal for jackets and pants that must stay dry in wet conditions. Gore-Tex is one of the most popular waterproof and breathable membranes in the outerwear world. Gore-Tex technology consists of a micro-porous layer that prevents water from entering the garment, while allowing water vapor (sweat) to escape, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable. It is used in waterproof jackets, pants, gloves and performance footwear.

Down has a warm, lightweight insulation, perfect for winter coats.

One of the most economical materials with high water resistance is PU-coated polyester, suitable for raincoats and windbreakers.

Recycled polyester is a sustainable option that is increasingly being used in the manufacture of outerwear, as it helps to reduce environmental impact.

When it comes to abrasion-resistant fabrics, special mention should be made of ripstop nylon, suitable for backpacks, pants and outdoor jackets.

Polartec NeoShell fabric is a waterproof and breathable membrane that offers exceptional breathability. It is extremely lightweight and flexible, making it ideal for high-performance activities. It is commonly found in garments such as jackets, pants and clothing designed for outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing.

One of the leading brands in synthetic thermal insulation is PrimaLoft. PrimaLoft materials are known for their ability to maintain warmth even when wet, making them a popular choice for winter coats and jackets, such as coats, jackets, gloves and winter boots.

One of the breathable and water-resistant fabrics that offers great durability and comfort is Ventile. It is especially known for its breathability, making it a popular choice for garments dedicated to high-performance outdoor activities. It is used in jackets, pants and outerwear that require a high level of breathability.

eVent is a waterproof and breathable membrane that stands out for its high breathability. It is known for being highly permeable to water vapor, which makes it suitable for activities that generate sweat. This fabric can be found in high-performance outdoor jackets, pants and footwear.

Softshell fabrics are versatile and combine waterproof, breathability and stretch properties. They offer excellent mobility and are suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities, such as jackets, pants, ideal for climbing, cycling and other activities.

Outerwear manufacturing usually originates in Asian countries, due to the ease of obtaining raw materials for its production. Manufacturing outerwear in China or Bangladesh is one of the most viable options to obtain a quality product, high resistance and with excellent qualities and finishes.

Whether you are looking to maintain waterproofness, breathability, warmth or comfort, there is a wide range of technical fabrics available to get a garment to suit the needs of your market audience. Check with the Pinexports Textile department for the different qualities, textures and colors to make a truly special outerwear garment.

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