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Small accessories such as purses, pencil cases, make-up bags and laptop cases are essential items in our daily lives. As well as being practical, these accessories can express your personal style and, if you decide to start a business, they can generate substantial income. In this blog, we will explore how to make these accessories, including their ideal dimensions, the best fabrics for each model and key tips for success in the market.

Manufacture coin purses

Coin purses are essential accessories for organizising coins and cards efficiently. To make them successfully, keep these considerations in mind:

Dimensions: A typical coin purse is about 10-12 cm long and 8-10 cm wide.

Recommended fabrics: Leather, sturdy cotton fabric or canvas fabric are excellent choices for coin purses. Leather adds a touch of elegance, while cotton or canvas fabrics are ideal for more colourful and creative designs. In addition to these options, recycled materials such as PET fabric (recycled plastic bottles) or vegan synthetic leather can be considered for the manufacture of purses. These materials are resistant and sustainable, especially for brands focused on sustainable product production.

How do you promote the sale of purses in the market? Offer a variety of designs, from minimalist to extravagant. You can also customize them with embroidery or printing to appeal to different types of customers. In the case of using sustainable materials, use a line of communication focused on attracting environmentally conscious customers.

Manufacture pencil cases

Pencil cases are versatile accessories that can be used to store pencils, makeup, sewing tools and much more. Here are a few suggestions:

Dimensions: A standard size for pencil case is approximately 20 cm long and 8 cm wide.

Recommended fabrics for making cases: Cotton fabric, polyester fabric or felt fabric work well for cases. Estos materiales son resistentes y fáciles de trabajar. In addition to conventional fabrics, you can use recycled materials such as recycled plastic bottle felt or organic cotton fabrics, environmentally friendly and durable materials.

How to increase customer acquisition for pouches?

Customize your cases with internal pockets, zipper closures and attractive patterns. You can also offer size options for different needs. Consider using eco-friendly inks in your designs.

Make-up cases

Make-up bags are ideal for keeping cosmetic products organized and ready to travel with or carry in your handbag for everyday use. It is important to take into account the target audience, their space requirements and the type of product you want to launch on the market when manufacturing make-up bags.

Dimensions: A typical make-up bag is around 20-25 cm long, 10-15 cm wide and 10-15 cm high.

Recommended fabrics: Satin fabric, faux leather or waterproof fabric are excellent choices for make-up bags. Waterproof fabric is especially useful for protecting products from accidental spills. For eco-sustainable design, we recommend using organic cotton, bamboo silk or recycled materials such as recycled polyester fabrics.

Recommendations for the market: Offer internal compartments, built-in mirrors and attractive designs to suit current make-up trends.

Manufacture laptop, iPad and tablet sleeves

Laptop case are essential to protect your devices while carrying them around, an absolutely necessary item nowadays. One of the most important elements is to use the right foam so that the device is not damaged during transport. Whether it's for work, school or everyday use, laptop, iPad or tablet sleeves are essential to protect your devices when you put them in backpacks, bags or travel cases.

The dimensions of laptop sleeves vary depending on the size of the device. Make sure you accurately measure the laptop you are making the sleeve for. You can use a standard size to cover a larger market share, or stick to 13" and 15" screens in the case of Mac Book (Apple) and the dimensions of the best-selling devices on the market.

Which fabrics are the most recommended for laptop sleeves? Among the most recommended fabrics for the manufacture of sleeves to protect laptops, iPads or other electronic devices, we recommend using padded fabric, neoprene or waterproof fabric, as these materials provide good protection. You may consider using recycled neoprene or PET fabrics to provide durable and environmentally friendly cases.

Recommendations for the development of sleeves on the market. Customize cases to suit different brands and sizes of laptops. The customer who buys a case is looking for, apart from an attractive design, that the main function is the optimal protection of the device. To this end, it ensures that the case complies with the main protection components.

The manufacture of small leather goods such as purses, cases, make-up bags and laptop cases can have a wide variety and adaptability in the market. Consider the ideal dimensions and recommended fabrics for each product, and don't skimp on customization and creativity. With the right quality and style, you can stand out in this competitive accessories market.

If you need advice on the manufacture of small leather goods, you can contact the Pinexports Textile department to discuss any questions you may have during the design process.

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