What is PINEXPORTS and how can we help you?



To trust someone you first have to know them, that's why we want to tell you everything about us in this post. What is PINEXPORTS? how we work? What make us different from the others? how can we help you? What is PINEXPORTS?

Roughly speaking, we are a technology-based company focused on revolutionizing the international manufacturing sector.


Our mission is to make available to any company, regardless of its nature and size, an audited network of production centers, as well as an audit and quality control team. This way we can make any product you can design a reality.

In addition, at PINEXPORTS we take care, as a legal manufacturer, of the merchandise of all the logistics and customs processes. This way we can offer you total security and allowing you to have an international manufacturing department, as well as its staff both in Spain and in China. It should be noted that at PINEXPORTS we always focus on ensuring the highest quality of both materials and processes.

Such an approach on our part will allow you to focus on innovating within your sector, since you will not have to worry about manufacturing processes, which will be fully covered.


Where is PINEXPORTS located?

We currently have our own offices in Spain and China. We also have a presence with audited production centers in more than 8 countries, including China, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Turkey, Japan, Poland, Portugal, Mexico, Colombia and Zimbabwe. 

In what areas can PINEXPORTS help you?

We have three departments divided into production sectors:


Specialists in the manufacture of textile accessories, fabrics and finished garments, serving all kinds of volumes.


Specialists in the manufacture of elements for the main heavy industries, we have production centers for plastic materials, metals and their transformations, electronics and machinery for different industries.

Our metal production centers and their transformations range from milling and machining, extrusion, casting and high-pressure mold injection, being able to provide the most appropriate production solution for each project.

In addition, we have suppliers of raw materials adapted to each sector, from rubber in Southeast Asia to the highest quality Japanese steel for the most demanding projects from a technical point of view. 


Specialists in manufacturing equipment and commodities ready to be incorporated into any retail distribution channel, fully adapted to customer specifications and customizations.

We hope that thanks to this article you have gotten to know us a little better. And if you have any questions, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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