The solution to rising energy prices: renewable energies



Nowadays, the electrical industry is one of the most impacted by the changes we are experiencing both socially and technologically. The increase in energy prices has caused many consumers to find themselves in search of a solution to rising energy prices.

Since 2020, the price of electricity has increased by 98%. We are talking about almost doubling in a matter of 2 years. For example, with 4.6 kW of contracted power and 292 kWh of monthly consumption, in 2020 the average price was around €56.28, and in 2022 it has increased to €111.64, its highest price in history.

Renewable energies, the solution to rising energy prices

Renewable energies are clean, inexhaustible and a very competitive source of energy. A particularly important point is that their costs are steadily declining, while the costs of fossil fuels continue to rise.

The most recommended option to save on electricity bills

InPINEXPORTS Industry, we have concluded that the best option to combat these prices is the use of renewable energies as a source of home energy.

What types of renewable energy exist?

Among renewable energies, or also called clean energies, we can find:

*Wind energy: the energy obtained from the wind.
* Solar energy: the energy obtained from the sun. The main technologies are solar photovoltaic (uses sunlight) and solar thermal (uses heat from the sun).
* Hydraulic or hydroelectric energy: the energy obtained from rivers and freshwater streams.
* Biomass and biogas: the energy that is extracted from organic matter.
* Geothermal energy: the heat energy contained in the interior of the Earth.
* Tidal energy: the energy obtained from the tides.
* Wave energy or wave energy: the energy obtained from waves.
* Bioethanol: organic fuel suitable for the automotive industry that is achieved through fermentation processes of vegetable products.
* Biodiesel: organic fuel for the automotive industry, among other applications, obtained from vegetable oils.

What are their benefits?
They fight climate change

They do not emit greenhouse gasses in the energy generation processes. Therefore, they are a clean solution.

They are inexhaustible

They depend on natural resources that are inexhaustible such as the sun, wind, water and organic matter. This makes them an essential element of a sustainable energy system.

They reduce energy dependency

Renewable resources –wind, sun, water, organic matter- can be used to produce energy in a sustainable way.

They are very competitive

The main renewable technologies -such as wind and photovoltaic solar- are drastically reducing their costs, making them fully competitive with conventional ones. Economies of scale and innovation are making renewable energies the most sustainable solution, not only environmentally but also economically.

In accordance with current policy

The decisions agreed at COP21 are committed to renewable energies. The international consensus in favor of the decarbonisation of the economy constitutes a very favorable framework for the promotion of clean energy technologies.

In summary, the best solution to rising energy prices is the implementation of renewable energies.

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