Textile manufacturing calendar. When should I order from China?



Chinese New Year has already started

While we are already starting the new year 2022, China is still ending 2021. That means Chinese factories will start their New Year holidays from January 31 to February 15, 2022.

As every year, almost the entire country is paralyzed on these dates.

Chinese New Year has a great impact on all business sectors. Many importers ignore this holiday when it comes to imports, quality control, or any other manufacturing-related project.

Factories close their doors and logistics collapse. Millions of people travel to their respective cities to spend time with their families and take advantage of the holiday. During these holidays, there is no urgency for any supplier.

It is not just about manufacturing, the air, sea and land transport of any order can be delayed up to a month if it is not loaded for transport before February 16.

What problems does the Chinese New Year bring?

Quality issues: As Chinese New Year approaches, it's common for manufacturers to rush production to fill as many orders as capacity allows. These rushes usually lead to quality problems, as they force standards to be lowered.

Logistical problems: During the Chinese New Year, logistical problems affect all levels. The usual transports, such as trains, planes and even roads, suffer a situation of collapse. Although international ports remain open during this period, the availability of trucks and containers is highly compromised.

The problem with workers: Many workers don't even return to their jobs after the Chinese New Year, leading to a situation where factories are forced to hire new workers after the New Year.

For this reason, we recommend having more control of the quality of the products after the Chinese New Year.

What other dates are important to keep in mind?

As importers, there are many other dates that do not have to do with the festivities and that must be taken into account.

The Pinexports textile team has prepared a calendar that contains all the dates that any importer has to take into account to carry out productions in China.

Our main objective is to give the importer a clear idea of ​​the times that must be handled when making a new production and thus avoid problems, with quality or with delays in manufacturing or in the supply chain.

You can download the full schedule by following this link.

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