Pinexports Quality provides international inspection services; factory audits, quality controls during and post production, also cargo inspections. With control team in Asia and Europe.

Factory audit

Pinexports Quality is a international inspection services. We have full accreditation and qualification in inspection fields, we offer quality controls during and post production.
We audit each factory against our quality standards to ensure product quality. We make sure that the factory has all the necessary equipment and capacities for production in the agreed times.

Pre-shipemnt inspection

We inspect every detail pre-shipment avoiding errors at every stage.

Inspection during production

Our auditors monitor the production process in each factory and inform each client of the status of their order in real time.

Container loading supervision

We supervise the loading process in the containers of each port, carrying out an exhaustive control of possible incidents and ensuring that the order reaches its destination under the conditions established with the client..

Direct to Factory - Custom - No customs formalities - No risks

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