Frequent questions


At Pinexports we are fully responsible for the merchandise as a manufacturer, so we offer a guarantee. We trust our processes so much that any defects that may be in your order will be remanufactured in the next one at no cost.
At Pinexports, to guarantee the quality of both our product and our processes and workers, we audit all our factories based on the Pinexports Quality Requirements.

We can audit factories anywhere in the world in less than a week to adapt to your needs.
At Pinexports we take care of the entire process, from manufacturing to transportation, import and delivery to your facilities.

Customs and Shipping

At Pinexports we exempt our clients from this procedure, since we are responsible for the import processes as legal manufacturers of the merchandise.
At Pinexports we manufacture under DDP conditions. However, if the client requests another incoterm, it will be studied by our operations team.


Always. It is one of the variables of our intelligent Exhale platform for choosing the production center for each project.
Depending on the sector and quantities, the manufacturing process can take between 15 and 45 days approximately.

* To be confirmed in each case.
At Pinexports we are constantly looking for new factories that remain at the forefront, both in manufacturing processes and in new materials. For this reason, we carry out productions with the latest trends in sustainable and recycled materials.


Yes. Pinexports, as the legal manufacturer of the merchandise, is responsible for its management and shipment, thus offering an End-to-end service, from the factory to your warehouse.
We offer the possibility of fast delivery. You can hire the air shipping service for part of the merchandise, or for all of it, and receive it in a maximum of 7 days at your warehouse.

Direct to Factory - Custom - No customs formalities - No risks