5 textile manufacturing trends in 2022



Since 2020, the textile industry has lived through a difficult time full of uncertainty and constant changes. Over the years, the readaptation of supply according to demand has been an essential requirement to survive in this industry.

For this reason, entering the new year, the Pinexports textile team has collected the textile manufacturing trends that we believe will mark 2022.

3D print

Although this may seem almost outdated, 3D printing is already used in most industries, but in textiles it is still not very common.

This technique has gone through a long stage of research, which we predict will begin to launch many projects in relation to footwear and accessories this new year.

Possibly, this year we will see many more brands that use this manufacturing technique, and other new ones that base the production of products using only this technique.

Technological fabrics

Smart textiles are still on the list of preferences. This is due to the fact that new developments in textiles provide exceptional performance.

In recent years we have seen the proliferation of numerous brands whose value proposition is based on this type of material; brands like Sepiia with their wrinkle- and odor-free fabrics.

Fabrics with UV and antibacterial filters are used in all kinds of styles, jeans wear, casual wear, beach wear, sportswear, so don't hesitate, opt for them in your designs

New raw materials

At this point, scientific development contributes directly to the introduction of this trend.

It is increasingly common to find some garments that are adapted to maintain a certain temperature, something very useful for athletes or people who face adverse weather conditions or who need resistant clothing.

In the textile industry, it is essential to increase the skills for the manufacture of new high performance fibers with polymers, carbon and even if they can offer solutions for waste recycling.

Here also comes "smart clothing", the result of investment in solutions such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data or Artificial Intelligence (AI), among others.

Sustainable and ecological fashion

If there is something that defines this era, it is customization. Customers want specific things, tailored to their taste and that they can try before making a purchase; clothing, clearly, would not be the exception. From here, it is just one of the fields that most solutions can offer.

Technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality allow users to see and know how a particular garment will look if it is better in blue, red, green, wider, but cut or printed.

This integration of technologies makes it possible to reduce water consumption and eliminate waste related to the production process and the consumption of fashion goods. Which leads directly to the appearance of 100% organic tissues.

Ecoalf is an example of the type of brands that use 100% recycled materials. This year 2022, more brands of this type will appear.

Relocation of productions in Asia by brands

This trend is one of the consequences that the pandemic has left. These last two years we have lived through quite a complicated time in terms of logistics, which is currently experiencing its peak.

The bottlenecks that have formed in the 4 axes of international trade (if you don't know them here we leave you a post about them), the lack of containers for transport, the lack of truck drivers, the increase in the price of materials premiums, the increase in the price of electricity, the barriers that China is placing on maritime trade... all these situations have passed in a matter of just under two years and are the direct cause of the rout that brands are making from the Asian continent.

It seems that the upward trend is that we will see more and more the “Made in Spain” label.

For our part, this year we have focused our attention on auditing "local" production centers in order to be able to provide our customers with smaller production garments and accessories that do not depend on maritime freight.

Now that you know more about the textile industry, what would you like to read? If you have any topic in mind related to textile manufacturing or industry, international trade, logistics, retail or quality, do not hesitate to write to us!

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